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Jan 24 2010

O let’s do it

Wow. It took foreverrrr to finally get this blog started. I don’t know why the process was so complicated for me. -_-

Some basics: Duke senior heading to Newark, NJ later this year to teach high school chemistry.

Sooo excited/apprehensive/nervous/ready/not ready. I’m sure these are all normal emotions for a starting corps member. But I’m trying to take it one day at a time, especially in terms of preparing mentally.

Took my PRAXIS exams in Chemistry and General Science over winter break in order to be certified in New Jersey. How were they…ehhhh..We’ll see. I just pray to God that I passed because I definitely don’t have another $200 to spend on them again. :-/
Now I need to concentrate on passing classes since my TFA offer is very contingent on getting a college degree.

I’ve accepted my TFA offer since November. So it’s really exciting to celebrate with friends who applied at later deadlines and are recently getting accepted.

Ok. I know I’m rambling. Because it’s late. And I’m balancing conversing with my best friends. I promise future posts will be more coherent.

The countdown begins now. 154 days until institute. Ow!

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  1. Jane

    Congratulations on getting accepted to TFA! That is very exciting!

    I am a fellow Duke student with a final interview w TFA at the beginning of next month. Any feedback on the interview process?

  2. I think that the best advice I’d give is to use the end part of your individual interview to really sell yourself and assure them accepting you into their org will be the best decision they ever made.

    Also, don’t be overly concerned with the other applicants in your interview group. It’s not a competition between you all. You won’t be getting judged in relation to how much better or worse others do; only on your own individual performance.

    For the lesson plan, the most important thing is to make sure you finish. It’s okay if you get cut off while answering questions, doing a recap, etc, but make sure the actual lesson being taught gets done.

    This is all my opinion! But I hope it helps. Wishing you the best! Go Dukies!

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