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Jan 27 2010

Dukie Corps Members

Yesterday the TFA recruiter for Duke threw a little mixer type event for all new and old admitted Corps Members from our school. It was great seeing so many schoolmates excited about starting, or possibly starting since some were still on the fence. Also got to see again a guy I met from a previous mixer who’s going to be in Newark with me this year. I was wayyyy too hype the first time I met him. (Our corps size is so small in Newark, I was dying to meet someone else who’d be with me.) Anywho the guy told me he has already been placed and will be working at this new charter school that has only kindergarten & 1st grade. I think that’s so cool. He went and visited the place over break (he’s actually from Newark) and said he loved it. I’m so happy for him and am praying to God that my placement goes just as smoothly and expeditiously.

I also met a TFA alum who did elementary school in Newark and an alum who did high school in North Carolina. They were both very encouraging. Especially the latter alum. She was so inspiring and was telling stories from her high school classroom. I was just in awe at all the experiences and lessons she had for us and kept getting more and more amped to start.

Ok…snap back to reality, i.e. this homework. TTYL

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  1. Brett

    Hi there! I just wanted to say welcome to Newark from a 2008 Newark Corps Member. If you need any help or just have question, don’t hesitate to reach out.

    -Brett B.

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