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Closing the Teach For America Blogging Gap
Jul 15 2010

My whirlwind of a life.

Induction in Newark. My mother’s passing. Moving from MD. Starting institute in NY. <—–These are all occurrences that have happened since my last post in this blog. :-O

So one can clearly see how crazy and unstable the past month and a half have been for me. But things are starting to look up. I’m getting into the swing of things at Institute and with my teaching. It’s been really, really busy and intense. But I don’t mind too much. It kind of helps me deal with the stress of losing my mom last month. I know she’d be proud of how strong I’m being right now though.

A few things about Institute:
-I teach High School Geometry in a group of 3 Corps Members at a charter school in the
-We have a class of 13. They range from 9th-12th grade and are Mostly boys. They’re a pretty interesting bunch. Well-behaved for the most part. Sometimes their silliness makes me have to hold back my laughter during teaching.
-I wake up at 5am every morning. -__- But I’ve gotten kind of used to it, surprisingly. (Well, I do better at staying alert throughout the day. Hearing the alarm at 5am will always suck. Always.)
-We gave our kids their mid-term today. Haven’t graded it yet but one of my teaching partners (who was a math major & gets really hype about the subject) looked through them and said it’s looking good. This makes me so happy. Never mind. We finished grading before I completed this post, and they actually didn’t do so hot. (<–Prime example of how much things in my life change. A minute is now like an hour. O_o)

Notes about my TFA life in general:
I still haven’t been placed in Newark yet. :-/ The office sent us an email, which basically said, in the nicest way possible, that those who haven’t been placed yet probably won’t be until mid-August, because most principals are on vacation in July. Great. This is exactly what I didn’t want to happen. *sigh*. It’s okay though. I have faith that God will bring me to the placement that is in store for me in due time.

I found roommates! Yes! Two of my lovely corps members from Newark and I will be living together. Even better: we’ll actually trying to be IN Newark, & not just the surrounding the cities,which is what I originally wanted. Going apt hunting this weekend. Hope we find something!

Anyways, just got back on campus from our teaching site. (Yes I’ve been working on this post throughout the course of the day. Multitasking is key.) Not TOO, too much to do tonight in terms of assignments. So I’m going to get a mani and pedi this evening. Maybe do some laundry. and *gasp* watch a movie!

Ok, I will try to update this more. I know I say that all the time, but I really will this time. Especially since my life is a BIT more stable. and things are more TFA-relevant in my life now. Deuces!

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  1. Katy

    Welcome to Newark – good luck apartment hunting! There are a lot of great places in Newark. I’m an ’02 Newark cm and still teaching in Newark (different school) – middle school. Good luck this fall!

  2. Katy

    Oh…forgot to add the important part, I’m a Duke alum too :) GTH Carolina!

  3. crunkforchem

    Oh, awesome!!! There’s another Dukie in the 2010 Nwk corps with me! Go Devils! :0)


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