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Jul 31 2010

It’s over//It’s starting!

Wait, institute’s over? When did that happen? I guess it happened between frantic paper grading, drafting lesson plans, finalizing lesson plans, checking for understanding with high school students in the Bronx, and being inundated with a plethora of new acronyms (CS, LS, CMA, SOM, SD, LP, CFU, INM, GP, IP, & more….TFA has it’s own language).

Anyways, the point is while conquering all the organized chaos that makes up Institute, I didn’t even realize how {seemingly} quickly it went by.   This was definitely one of the most challenging, educational, inspiring, stressful, and adventurous experiences I’ve ever had.  I think I can say I loved every minute of it…..actually, I’ll be real and say every other minute.  It wasn’t all gravy.  Being up before the sun everyday wasn’t the most pleasant circumstance.  Neither was being away from my family during difficult times.  Speaking of which, I can honestly say that the hardest part about institute for me was having to go through it while dealing with the lingering grief from my mother’s passing.  I also kind of felt like I didn’t make as many new/close friends at institute because of this.  I wasn’t exactly in the mood for even more change in my life.  So I pretty much spent my weekends going off campus to visit family or Duke friends.  I know this isn’t necessarily a good thing.  And I did get kind of lonely sometime during the week.  But it is what it is.  :-/

Overall, I’m so so proud of myself for beating the monster that is known as TFA.  Now it’s time for the next phase of my new life as a teacher.  I feel so inspired and am sooo ready to get things rolling in my placement school this fall….as soon as I find out what it is.  I’m still praying for favor with the interviews we’ll be having in mid-August.  I’ve been kind of concerned because of hiring freezes that have impacted the NYC region negatively as well as educational budget cuts happening in NJ.  Also, my college gpa is not the best and I hope principals don’t hold this against me.  But I try not to worry about getting hired because I know God will see me through.

Tomorrow I’m being forced to move out of St John’s.  Fortunately I got the keys to my new apt in Nwk and for my new car this week!  :-D   So I’ll be going back to MD for about a week before we start Round Zero.  This is basically the period where we start getting ready for the beginning of the school year.  I’m kind of excited about this.  I’ll be even more hype when I get my placement school and can start making specific plans.  Oh! And I have decided the theme for my classroom this fall……which I share & elaborate on in my next post.  Right now, it would behoove me to start packing.  My 1st independent road trip is tomorrow! Send up a prayer for me! And thanks for reading!

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  1. LaQuana

    Hello there. I am also an alternate route teacher living and working in Newark. I went through a similar training to your’s so I completely understand the crazy summer you had and the mounds of uncertainty ahead in terms of securing a job and starting life as a teacher. Good luck with everything and I look forward to reading your blog in the fall! Feel free to use my email address to keep in touch!

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