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Jan 24 2011

Where do we go from here?!

Hello world!

It’s currently testing season in my world of teaching high school chemistry.  A unit exam {FINALLY} coming up. i say finally because we’ve had so many snow days….well only 3 in the past 2 weeks but that’s defnitely enough to throw everything off schedule. Also have the 2nd marking period benchmark coming up this week. And then in 2 weeks we have mid-terms.  *Whew*

My kids are about to be worn out with the massive amount of review we’re about to do.  Shoo, I am too.  Reviewing/reteaching is going to be a challenge to me.  I think it’s because I’ve never done it yet.  Hopefully it goes well and my Program Director from TFA has some good advice to offer me.

I have a lot of lesson planning to do before bedtime, so I’m just going to debrief on some of the recent highlights in my teaching adventure:

-Recently I performed a short rap I made up for some of my classes….CRAZINESS.   It honestly wasn’t that great.  But they LOVED it and were so hype.  “Miss, that was dope!”   “Miss you’re my favorite teacher now!”  Lol.  Their favorite part was when I remixed a line from a Drake/Nicki Minaj song: “We learning a lotta things/they just tryna ruin it/ Shout out to the fact that I’m the youngest teacher doin it!”    :-D

-It’s supposed to snow AGAIN on Tuesday! If we have another frivolous snow day, I’m not ever going back!  J/k.   But I will be really irritated.  Honestly, it’s bittersweet.  I like the sleeping in and getting paid to lounge around my apartment part of it.  But I dislike how behind we’re getting and the idea that we’re cutting into our summer break.  -_-

-The science department (made up of ALL the high school science teachers in the DISTRICT) has decided to use some new computer program for grading the district assessments.  Our supervisor chose 1 person from each building to be responsible for learning how it works and doing the grading for all the science exams in that building.  And, surprisingly, she chose MOI to be in charge of it for my building.  I was really shocked.  It’s not that big of a deal, but it’s my first real sense of “responsibility” and accountability as a teacher.  This will definitiely help me overcome my insecurity of being the youngest teacher.  Seriously, I feel like a little kid when I’m around the other teachers.  O_o

-My wish for this week: That 4th period drives me off the wall only 2 days or less this week.  :-/

Anywho, I realized I need to have a way to document my teaching experience when this is all done, so I know I promise to update my blog more often each time I post and I never do….I reallly will this time!!  lol.

Here’s to an awesome work week!

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