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Feb 19 2011

Wassup, Slime?!

Yesterday was a pretty interesting day. (In a good way..I know when teachers use “interesting” to describe work-related stuff, it could mean a variety of things. lol).

This week was Mid-term week.  My students took our chemistry mid-term on Tues and Wed.  Since there was a mutual agreement among the teachers to keep work light during the week when your mid-terms were done, I tried to find something easy yet engaging for my kiddos to do.   After browsing around online, I decided we should do a slime lab, where we made slime for glue and borax.

I was a little worried for 2 reasons

1) I thought my kids would think the activity was too basic/corny.  Because most people I know did the slime lab in elementary school.

2) Whenever we do labs, it’s often mass chaos and confusion with the lab area left looking a hot mess.

Fortunately neither of those concerns turned out to be a problem.  First, I addressed the issue of order and cleanliness by telling them if they didn’t leave their lab station the way they met it, that would be an automatic grade of “zero”.  That worked like a charm.

Secondly, they didn’t find it corny at all….they LOVED the activity!  Kids were coming back all day long, trying to make more.  The periods from later in the day came in excited and ready to go. “Miss, I heard we’re doing something fun today!!!”  Lol.

Also, got a lot of positive feedback such as “This was the best lab I’ve ever done!”  “We should do this everyday!”  (False!)   or “I love you, Miss!”.  (I’ve concluded that saying I Love You is their way of saying that they enjoyed today’s lesson or something that I did for them.  Being forward/direct when it comes to academic-related compliments is not their strong suit.  lol)

The only thing I’m worried about is how I might have vexed the other teachers.  I told my students not to bother their other teachers and play with their slime in other classes.  Obviously I know my babies well enough to know they weren’t going to adhere to that.  I heard they were playing with the slime during their other mid-terms.  And that in one class the teacher asked where they got it from and what the teacher’s name was.  :-/

Other than that, I think it was a great way to end the week before our long weekend (President’s day off on Monday!  :-D)   Next week we start a new (and more challenging) unit and I’m going to be changing a lot of things around in terms of classroom culture/management as well as lesson and content delivery.  So I’ll be working on all that this weekend.  Deuces!

(The title of this post is kind of an insider, btw.  I’m not being weird and sending a greeting to slime.)

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