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Oct 02 2011

Red October

In NJ, “Red October” refers to an annual gang initiation season, when prospective Bloods kill to earn their gang stripes.

It’s supposedly a hoax, but nevertheless I think the theme is relevant to the classroom as well.  October is supposed to be one of  the roughest months for teaching.  The honeymoon period is over, students are back in the groove of school, and ready to test the waters with their new teachers and see who is serious and who is not.  Sounds like gang initiation to me.  Lol.

So far my students have been on board with me and willing to learn and listen.  Hopefully this will last because things are about to get tougher for them.  We just finished our first unit, which was super easy material.  I’m glad that many of them got a confidence boost from it, but the next unit is a bit more challenging.  And I don’t want them to be fooled and think the entire course is going to be a breeze.  I had to contain my laughter the past couple of weeks when I repeatedly heard comments like “this class is so easy.”   Haaa.  Get back to me on that when we start molar conversions, sweetie.

Other updates:

Back to School Night was awesome.  Had to stay pretty late, but the turnout of parents was great.  All of them were passionate about ensuring that their children started off the year on the path to success.  I exchanged a lot of contact info and need to hold myself accountable for keeping communication up.  (Oh, I also got to practice my Spanish with one set of parents.  To me, it was a hot mess, but they understood what I was trying to say and were impressed.  yayyy!)

We took a test last week, and Pauly D, (myspecial project from last blog post)  emailed me all weekend trying to find out if he passed.  I told him to wait until Monday to be pleasantly surprised. Lol.  He got a B! So happy for him.

Goodbye for now.  I think my next post will be a collection of quotes I’ve gathered so far this year.   Should be entertaining.  Latersss.

“The Lord is my strength.”

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