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Sep 10 2011

I’ve got a beautiful feeling….

…..Everything’s going my way. And “everything” obviously doesn’t include efficient class schedules/rosters, quality learning environments, or access to all the resources that I need.  But besides that, I had a pretty good first week of school.  Well, that could be a bit hyped up, but the good definitely outweighed the bad. “The 2nd year is…

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Jul 15 2010

My whirlwind of a life.

Induction in Newark. My mother’s passing. Moving from MD. Starting institute in NY. <—–These are all occurrences that have happened since my last post in this blog. :-O So one can clearly see how crazy and unstable the past month and a half have been for me. But things are starting to look up. I’m…

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May 21 2010

Crunch Time?!

omg! I graduated from college last week. TFA is officially real. I’m trying so hard to get on this pre-institute work. But the summer time ambiance is calling my name. I don’t feel too bad because many of my colleagues that are also 2010 Corps members have admitted to slacking in this area as well.…

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Mar 01 2010

Idle thoughts

1st off, Duke is playing UNC this Saturday in basketball, so it’s only right to start my post off with a hearty “Go to Hell Carolina, go to Hell!!” Meanwhile back on the ranch– I’m still waiting for the exciting rush of actually feeling like a corps member… Reality still hasn’t really sunk in yet…

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Jan 27 2010

Dukie Corps Members

Yesterday the TFA recruiter for Duke threw a little mixer type event for all new and old admitted Corps Members from our school. It was great seeing so many schoolmates excited about starting, or possibly starting since some were still on the fence. Also got to see again a guy I met from a previous…

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Jan 24 2010

O let’s do it

Wow. It took foreverrrr to finally get this blog started. I don’t know why the process was so complicated for me. -_- Some basics: Duke senior heading to Newark, NJ later this year to teach high school chemistry. Sooo excited/apprehensive/nervous/ready/not ready. I’m sure these are all normal emotions for a starting corps member. But I’m…

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